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San Joaquin County Flood Contingency Mapping Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Pilot Project

San Joaquin County Office of Emergency Services (OES)


The San Joaquin County Flood Contingency Mapping FEMA Pilot Project’s objective is to help mitigate future flood damages throughout the San Joaquin County Delta and surrounding areas. The objective is accomplished by improving flood control operations which are intended to prevent levee failures during a flood, and to limit the flood extent, depth, and duration should a primary flood control structure fail.

Kjeldsen, Sinnock & Neudeck, Inc.’s (KSN) role for this FEMA Pilot Project covered the redevelopment and enhancement of the existing San Joaquin County Flood Contingency Maps.  KSN and the San Joaquin County Office of Emergency Services (OES) originally developed these maps for assistance during a flood event. The maps have now incorporated the latest mapping standards developed by a standards committee which included the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), FEMA, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR), OES, and KSN. As part of the standards committee, KSN and OES worked closely on all aspects of updating the Flood Contingency Maps, including conforming to the committee standards for map symbols, map content and map format. KSN also coordinated with the San Joaquin County’s GIS Division to establish map naming and symbology guidelines and standards. KSN developed and provided Preliminary Engineering Designs (PED’s) for emergency berms and relief cuts for the project and assisted in the development of the Flood Contingency Mapping Technical Manual.

KSN performed extensive research of historical records and documents. Field surveys were performed to verify existing features and to locate new features for each Pilot Flood Contingency Map prepared for the project. KSN worked closely with OES in the development of the standards and procedures for the project. The close communication and coordination between KSN and OES was imperative for the production of the Flood Contingency Maps, since the standards and procedures developed during the production of the Flood Contingency Mapping Pilot Program will become the basis for all future map updates. 

KSN prepared individual Pilot Flood Contingency Maps for Reclamation Districts that are located in and around the City of Stockton. This included, Smith Tract, Weber Tract, Roberts Island, Boggs Tract, and Mossdale Landing Reclamation Districts.  KSN also compiled information for the development of the Flood Contingency Mapping Technical Manual, “Guide to Flood Contingency Mapping”. The “Guide” encompasses the standards and procedures created through this project including the standardization of map data elements. This includes topographic, historical, and emergency response information and the development of easily recognized and readable map symbols. The “Guide” serves as a vehicle to assist in creating a Flood Contingency Mapping Program that will ensure a quick and effective response during a flood event.

The Flood Contingency Mapping Program was presented to Brigadier General Donahue of the United States Army Corp of Engineers on August 16, 2010. General Donahue has since implemented the program by issuing a $1 million contract to develop Flood Contingency Mapping for other Counties within the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta areas.

The San Joaquin County Flood Contingency Mapping FEMA Pilot Project earned KSN a Merit Award in the Surveying and Mapping Category in the 2011 American Council of Engineering Companies' California Engineering Excellence Awards.