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California Health Care Facility
Design-Build Package 1

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

The California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation California Health Care Facility (CHCF) is a series of project packages to construct a 1,722-bed, 1.2 million square foot medical and mental health care facility built on a seventy acre site. The prime contractor for Design-Build Package 1 (BP-1) was a joint venture of Granite Construction and Hensel-Phelps with HOK architects. On-site improvement for BP- 1 included site work, 13-foot tall lethal perimeter fencing and eleven 45-foot guard towers, a site entrance gatehouse and armory, a telecommunications and lock shop building, a central utilities plant, a materials storage warehouse and related distribution infrastructure, parking areas, and other non-secure buildings. The off-site improvements for the CHCF BP-1 Project, designed by KSN, included the extension of a 16-inch diameter water transmission pipeline, the widening of Austin Road, and the construction of a traffic signal at the Austin Road entrance to the facility.

The existing 16-inch diameter City waterline, located at the intersection of Logistics Drive and Arch Road, is being extended eastward in Arch Road approximately 2600 feet to the intersection of Arch Road and Austin Road. The waterline extension continues south in Austin Road approximately 2900 feet to the proposed project entrance off of Austin Road. The waterline improvements are designed in accordance with the City of Stockton Municipal Utilities Department.  Austin Road will be widened to provide a continuous 8 foot wide paved shoulder along the entire frontage of the Project site. A 12 foot wide northbound left turn pocket and southbound right turn pocket will be provided at the proposed project entrance. A traffic signal will be constructed at the new project entrance on Austin Road, approximately 2,900 feet south of Arch Road. The roadway improvements are designed in accordance with the California Department of Transportation Highway Design Manual.

KSN worked closely with both San Joaquin County and the City of Stockton during the design phase of the project to gain consensus and design approval from both agencies. The total overall CHCF construction costs for all packages will be between $700 and $750 million.