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Juvenile Hall and Intake Classification Center Expansion Project

San Joaquin County Capital Projects Division

The San Joaquin County Juvenile Hall Intake and Classification Center Expansion Project consisted of a 26,000 square foot addition to San Joaquin County‚Äôs existing Juvenile Hall Facility on Mathews Road. The scope of work for the project improvements included site demolition, parking expansion, grading, utilities, drainage, paving and concrete flatwork. The scope of the civil improvements required extensive coordination with the Architect, Electrical Engineer and Mechanical Engineer to insure that the on-site and off-site improvements would be sized and located to connect to the building improvements. The design and construction was further complicated by the small site, limited access and tight work areas. The construction of the civil improvements had to take place without the interruption of the operations at the existing Juvenile Hall Facility, including parking and employee and user access. The total cost of the civil improvements on the project was approximately $900,000.00. Construction was completed in the fall of 2001.