Civil Engineering Services

As one of the top Civil Engineering firms in California, and a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE), KSN provides a full complement of civil engineering services for public works infrastructure, transportation, water resources, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects.  Our comprehensive list of civil engineering services enhances our ability to provide a customer with a high degree of flexibility, while enabling KSN to work as the prime consultant or as members of a Design/Build team.  Our extensive history in the Central Valley places us in the unique position of having participated in the overall development of many sites from initial construction to recent improvements and expansions.

    Assessment District Engineering

    Construction Management and Inspection

    Contract Administration


    Development of Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E)

    Maintenance and Operation Manuals

    Permits and Habitat Mitigation

    Project Study Reports

    Public Works Infrastructure 

    Site Design

    Site Planning and Traffic Circulation

    Storm Water Collection and Management

    Transportation Design

    Utilities Master Planning and Design

    Utility Research, Location, and Potholing

    Wastewater Collection and Treatment

    Water Distribution and Treatment

    Water Resources Engineering

Water Resources Engineering
Water Resources Engineering

    Channel Analysis, Design and Improvement

    Drainage Studies

    Flood Control

    FEMA CLOMR/LOMR Applications

    A 100-year flood plane is an area of land that would be inundated by a flood having a 1-percent chance of occurring in any given year - also referred to as the base or 100-year flood. The standard Flood Insurance Policy defines flood as: "A general and temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of normally dry land areas from overflow of inland or tidal waters from the unusual and rapid accumulation or runoff of surface waters from any source." Flood insurance covers tsunami and flood-related erosion loss.

    Flood Control Structures and Systems

    Flood Emergency Engineering and Inspection

    Flood Restoration

    Hydraulic Calculations and Studies

    Hydrology Studies

    Levee Design

    Levee Maintenance and Rehabilitation

    Pump Station Design

    Storm Drainage Collection and Detention/Retention Systems

    Water Rights

Utility Research, Location, and Potholing
Utility Research, Location, and Potholing


    Utility Relocation and Third Party Coordination

Transportation Design
Transportation Design


    Highway Interchanges



    Right-of-Way Acquisition

    Highway Widening



    Right-of-Way Acquisition

    Drainage Design

    Municipal Streets

    Beautification Projects

    Extension Projects

    Reconstruction Projects

Site Design
Site Design

Services offered as a component of each category of site design include:

    Erosion Control Design

    Grading and Drainage Design

    Storm Water Detention Design

    Street and Driveway Design

    Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

    In compliance with the State General Permit, the SWPPP is a document which identifies sources and activities at a particular facility that may contribute pollutants to stormwater and commits the operator to specific control measures and time frames to prevent or treat such pollutants.

    Utility Design

    Bidding Phase Support

    Construction Phase Project Management and Site Inspection




    Administration Facilities

    Detention Facilities

    Educational Facilities

    Healthcare Facilities

    Parks and Recreation Facilities

    Public Infrastructure


Public Works Infrastructure
Public Works Infrastructure

    Infrastructure Master Planning and Preliminary Design

    Sewer Collection System Analysis and Design

    Potable Water System Analysis and Design

    Storm Water System Analysis and Design

    Storm Water Quality Treatment and Design

    Storm Water System Analysis and Design


KSN aims to deliver our award-winning Civil Engineering services to all of our clients.
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